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Creative Play Ideas - Paper Weaving

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Sensory and creative play activities including many for those who are disabled and/or neurodivergent. This activity is well-suited to sensory avoiders. To learn more about this check out my blog here.

Learning & Development

  • fine motor skills

  • boosts imagination,

  • improves social, play, communication and observation skills

  • sparks curiosity

  • develops hand-eye coordination

  • improves focus and attention

  • supports emotional regulation

  • turn-taking

  • stress-relief

  • fun!

  • & creates opportunities for CONNECTION


In our house we have found this is to be a lovely, calming activity. It has a few simple stages, none of them very taxing, but they use the brain just enough to help you zone - in, ground and connect with yourself. It is just as effective as mindfulness activity for adults as children.

Approximate preparation time: 5 minutes

Suggested minimum age: 2 years

What You Need:

+ Paper or card

+ Pencils, pens, crayons, paints, chalk, charcoal - some kind of mark making tool

+ Glue, masking tape or sticky tape (optional - you can just lay the weave out without sticking it down)

+ Scissors (optional - if using thin card of paper you do have the option to tear if you prefer. Tearing paper and card is an

activity my eldest finds very soothing when he's tense.)

How To Play:

+ On a sheet of paper/card, create a doodle, abstract painting, scribble. Use as many or as few colours as you like.

+ Cut or tear the image into strips - they can be neatly measured if you prefer or rough and rustic.

+ Lay the strips out on the table and arrange a few strips vertically, leaving a gap between each.

+ Tape or glue them down along the top edges to make it easier to weave.

+ Take 1 new strip and weave it in and out horizontally between each of the vertical strips.

+ With another new strip do the same but weave the opposite way: if you went under-over-under-over with the first one, go over-under-over-under with this one.

+ Continue alternating until you've used up your strips.

+ You can glue or tape down the lose ends or if you really love it pop it in a frame.

Have fun with different arrangements!


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