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Creative Play Ideas - Cloud Dough

Sensory and creative play activities including many for those who are disabled and/or neurodivergent. This activity is well-suited to sensory seekers. To learn more about this check out my blog here.

Learning & Development

  • fine motor skills

  • boosts imagination,

  • improves social, play, communication and observation skills

  • sparks curiosity

  • develops hand-eye coordination

  • improves focus and attention

  • supports emotional regulation

  • turn-taking

  • stress-relief

  • fun!

  • & creates opportunities for CONNECTION


This is a kind of emergency play dough if you've run out or just want to try something different. It feels so silky and lovely and if you use body lotion it will scent and moisturise your hands at the same time!

Approximate preparation time: 5 minutes

Suggested minimum age: 2 years

What You Need:

+ Some kind of flour: wheat, corn, oat, rice, tapioca etc... Whatever you have.

+ Hair conditioner or body lotion

The ratio needs to be roughly twice as much flour as conditioner/lotion


+ Food colouring or mica powder if you want

How To Play:

+ Mix the ingredients in a large wide bowl with a plastic or play-only wooden spoon and/your hands for about 5 minutes until the mixture resembles play dough

+ You can make a larger batch of plain dough and separate to make different colours if you like. I'd recommend only adding a couple of drops of food colouring per dough ball to make a lovely pastel shade as you'll be less likely to get stained skin.

+ Play time! It's lovely to roll and shape, put into moulds and create characters with. It is quite soft, so if you make a tall structure it will flop but that's actually really funny to watch!

One of the best things about Cloud Dough in my opinion is the smell! It will smell of whatever wet ingredient you added so for our first try for example the whole room and our hands smelled of baby lotion - which was super nostalgic for me and such a comforting, soothing smell. Of course if your child is smell-sensitive then choose an unfragranced one or a smell you know they like.

Variation: You can also mix flour and mineral/baby oil for a different texture, it won't be so much like play dough but it is still a bit mouldable and some kids will love this texture. It's great for burying your hands and feet as if you were at the beach.

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