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Acrylic on canvas trio

by Eldest Sonshine, age 15


Maximus has created this mini collection - a trio of paintings with the same glorious colour palette created by him and painted one after the other one afternoon.


This is rare for Max; most of the time he paints one painting and that's him done for the day; that's enough - it's all about the process for him after all.


This time however, after completing the first painting Max immediately pointed to another prepped canvas and said "yes painting".

I asked him "Would you like to paint another one?"

and he answered "yes another one". 


What's so WONDERful about this is not only that the collection is an example of such truly beautiful composition, shape and colour, but that he was inspired to create 3 with the same palette.

There were choices of many other colours.

There were more canvasses available so he could have kept going.

He could have mixed those colours together on the canvas to create new shades (as he often does).


The choice was to create a strong trio with a real relationship to each other. He found the names for each painting within a minute. The titles were right there.


Wonder (Max hasn't painted wavy, zig-zag lines for quite a long time and the fact that this mark making felt wondrous was so fantastic!)

Sunlight (He pointed specifically at the beam of pale yellow coming down from the top.)

Red Hiding (This name is particularly profound as red is Max's grounding, safe colour. This painting is a visual representation of his safe space.)


These were truly soul-led paintings.

They are a window into the heart and soul of Max in that moment.

They speak to a desire for connection. 

There is magic here.


Something in my heart truly believes these paintings will be most magnetic and powerful sold as a trio so for now that's how I'm offering them. I may make them available separately in the future.

Wonder - Sunlight - Red Hiding

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