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21 x 29.5 cm

Acrylic on bamboo fibre paper

By Max, age 14


"Life is an ever-flowing process"


This quote by Bruce Lee struck me after Max created this painting. 

It got me interested in ways to talk about the impact of water, which is an element Max chooses to paint a lot. Bruce continues on to say "life is still flowing and like running water, when it stops it grows stale, so go bravely on my friend."


It's hard sometimes isn't it? To press on bravely when you're feeling resistance, when you're stuck, unmotivated. Too many rocks on the water's path. But water is powerful. Water erodes away rock over time. So patience is the name of the game sometimes. Patience and persistence rather than ploughing on relentlessly.


Sometimes the titles for the paintings take a while to come for the artist. Sometimes it's almost instant, like this one; 'Waterfall'.


Once he'd said that I could totally see it - the top of the artwork has the strokes of paint pulled down leading to the rolling balls of tumbling water as it crashes to the ground. I love his use of colour - as always - and can't help but imagine that the rainbow colours are reflective of the breaking of light into all the colours as sunlight hits water at the perfect angle.


As always, I try my best with the photography of these paintings but in real life you really do get the richness and energy so much better than through a screen so I do hope if you're able that you'll join us later this year for our next exhibition where they'll all be on display (unless of course they're bought before then!)


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