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This is my third colouring book and this one is my favourite. My favourite creative practices are my continuous line and classic drawings and digital painting of those artworks. The drawings takes minutes and the colouring takes many many hours. The process of both is incredibly therapeutic to me. I can enter a flow state with each within moments and is allows all my tension to melt away. 


This is my intention for you when you use these colouring books.

Gift yourself this art therapy. Engage in a solo, dreamlike session or join with family or friends to make it sociable. From my experience a good colouring-in session can be very conducive to productive and gentle conversation.  


There are 18 pages in this book and I have had them printed onto heavier-weight (190gsm) recycled paper which can handle pencils, pens and even thin layers of paint. I recommend acrylic rather than watercolour or poster paint.


PLEASE NOTE: Colouring Books should arrive with me by November 13th so I will send orders out then. If there is a delay I will let you know.


TIP: Don't load the brush or page with too much water, and if you want to use inks or paints I recommend adding a sheet of card behind the page to absorb any seepage.


I would SO love to see your finished results if you'd like to share them with me. 

Nature Montage Colouring Book

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