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20 x 20 inches

51 x 51 cm

By Max, Eldest Sonshine, at age 13

Painted on sturdy, compressed cardboard. It will fit in a frame, or fixings could be taped on with strong mounting tape.


This painting blew me away.


40 minutes solid painting, in total peace and contentment. He had such a lovely energy about him for this. I don't know if he started off with the intention of this being some kind of self-portrait; as he has such a hard time communicating with language it's hard to know.


But here we it. "My Head". And we can clearly see here eyes and a wonderful, rich red mouth. A deconstructed face in a way. But he called it "My Head" not "My Face", which was a conscious choice that this painting is his whole head, which makes me think it's also a representation of his incredible, unique mind as well.


I absolutely love watching him paint. He may not have many spoken words but he conveys so much of himself through his art. 


This will not be made into prints.

This original is all there is.

Let me know if you fall in love with it.

My Head

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