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25 x 25 cm acrylic on wood panel  

by Eldest Sonshine, age 14


Don't absorb the language of 'never'

This is for everyone but in particular for folks just beginning on their Autism diagnosis journey.

You may have heard from some people, including Doctors and specialists, that your child may never do certain things.

They may say an Autistic child may never speak in sentences, process and ask questions, eat out in public, maintain friendships, have romantic relationships, live independently and more.

Don't absorb that. Stay hopeful.

This is our Max's painting "Little Home".
He is 14 and severely learning disabled and yet this is all his own vision and creation. Painting is one of his main joys and a gift he brings to the world.

When he was little I had no idea he'd have got to the point of being able to create so imaginatively or be able to think of (and say out loud!) an appropriate title.

It can take every ounce of energy some days to stay hopeful. Some days are so rough. Some days you realise they've even declined in some abilities. Stay hopeful. You can do it. They deserve that hope and so do you.

If you need to talk to someone about your Autism journey with zero pressure you can email me or use the chat function here on the website.

Little Home

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