Welcome to the jungle...


I love this so much but I feel like when the time is right the right person will come along who wants it and I'll be happy then to let it go.


A lot of Max's paintings are painted in layers, letting each dry before going back to it and adding more later the same day or another day but this one was done all in one go. It was painted on a sheet of black, aco-friendly A2 paper with acrylic paints and - as usual - various tools.


It's important to me that my young artists name their own paintings but I'm aware of the fact that Max has considerably fewer words in his vocabulary than other people; so sometimes if he tries for a while and can't find a name for it I throw words out into the room and he'll choose one, which is what happened here. I think I said probably 10 or 15 other words and this is the one he picked, and I think it's so perfect. It has the most vibrant energy when you're in a room with it. Also some metallic paints which are so much better experienced in real life than on a screen.