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Acrylic on A2 black, recycled, heavyweight paper


I left Max alone to paint for the first time the day he painted this.

Usually I'm there to help him open tubes and dispense paint, change or rinse brushes etc...

But this time I left him to it.
Just a boy with a sheet of paper, acrylic paints and various tools.

I was listening in the next room in case he needed me. He didn't. He was chatting away using English words and some of what we refer to as 'Maxish' - which are sounds he's made since toddlerhood, very quietly to himself and giggling gently just exploring and playing and making shapes and colours on the page.

This is the result and he immediately told me when he was finished that it was called
'Feel Good'.

It is so damned funky and fun and expressive and brilliant and I'm once again just so proud and thrilled for him that he has the opportunity to express himself with his creativity.

Art is expression
Art is power
Art is love

Feel Good

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