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Framed in simple, chunky yellow wooden frame, 50 x 50 cm acrylic on bamboo fibre paper. 

by Eldest Sonshine, age 14


Painted in just 2 layers but has such depth and interest as to seem like many more!


My Max's art but it really is so incredible to me. He has such an amazing natural gift for colour and texture and composition. A luscious, deep background with elegant pops of colour in the foreground... To me it is a perfect blend of masculine and feminine energy.


I think the fact that Max is able to paint in this way - so clearly embracing his masculine and feminine areas of his character - shows just how balanced a person he is growing up to be. The kind of man he is becoming. He certainly looks like a man now!


A whopper of a lad with a whopping great heart and talent. I'm so happy it is my job to share it with you.If it speaks to you, it's meant for you.

Daisy Flowers

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