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A2 (42 x 59 cm) acrylic on heavyweight bamboo fibre paper  

by Eldest Sonshine, age 14


I said in my last email to my subscribers that we'd be creating some Scotland-inspired artworks after our glorious trip to Ardgartan last week.

I didn't know if Max (Eldest Sonshine) would want to and I've not even gone through the photos we took there with him since we got back, and yet here we are with a wonderful wonderful painting showing one way Max has translated his holiday memories of that beautiful place.


Upon finishing the painting I asked Max to hold his artwork (as always) and tell me its name. This time he said "Scotland Holiday" then "Cloudy Moonlight". I asked him later that evening to choose which name he wanted for it and so he did. I love both, and I wonder if there are more Scotland-inspired masterpieces bubbling away in that beautiful mind of his. Let's see shall we?

If you've not had a look for the last few weeks do go and look as there's lots of gorgeous new work up in the shop along with some new creative and sensory play blogs, many of which are perfect for too hot/rainy days like today!

Have you been to Scotland?
What was your favourite part?
Let me know what you think of this beauty. You can email me or use the chat function here in the website any time.

Cloudy Moonlight

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