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I've been waiting a long time to find the perfect image to celebrate my favourite colour; YELLOW!


Yellow is such a warming, inviting, zesty, happy, life-giving colour to me. It just makes me feel so good! 


Chameleons - rather obviously - represent transformation and the ability to adapt but also patience. Think of how they sit there still like a statue waiting for the perfect moment to fling out that extraordinary tongue to catch their meal! 


All my montages really are a celebration of the great diversity of life on earth. Of the importance of accepting and nurturing our differences that contribute to the ecosystems of our planet and, going inward, to celebrate the greate diversity of humanity, of our personalities and emotions and drives and passions. It takes all kinds to make this rich world we live in. 


What emotion or thought does this image spark in you?


This montage image is available now to buy as a beautiful quality, bamboo eco paper print. It can be ordered from as small as 8 x 8 inches but I'd go bigger for this (and all my montage designs) so you don't lose any of the details.

Chameleon Montage

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