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A3 (29 x 42 cm) acrylic on board  

by Eldest Sonshine, age 15


'Wonderful Flowers' was painted by our wonderful Max one afternoon in mid-December after a happy day at school. Max had had enough of playing video games and I asked what he'd like to do next. He chose to play a little board game and then asked to paint. I asked if he wanted to paint a new one or add to one he'd already started and he chose one which already had a few background layers. 


It was one of his paintings that really felt like he had a vision for it as soon as he started, it was quite a quick process to add the top layer with the final details being added after it was dry a couple of hours later. 


It is very reminiscent of a beautiful painting he did a few years ago (which I can't part with) called 'River With White Flowers'. It's here in my dining room as I write this and I absolutely love it. 'Wonderful Flowers' uses a lot of the same techniques he used to create the other; using the scraper in vertical lines and white dots on top for the flowers for example, and his beloved technique of painting layers of colour before scraping them to the side to lightly blend and reveal some of the layers below.


It is a slim, compressed card board and can be framed like you would a painting on paper.

Wonderful Flowers

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