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50 x 50 cm Acrylic on canvas, ready to hang

by Max, Eldest Sonshine, age 14


I love so much that Max saw this painting as a window. A window to what? With what view? That's the wonder of abstract art isn't it - it leads to blissful ponderings about the subject and emotion and intention, whether the artist had something different in mind doesn't really matter - what matters is what the viewer perceives in it. This will be one of those pieces where everyone sees something different I think. I'm always so interested to hear what people see and feel when they look at his work. His joy. I've taken to saying about Max when he's painting that it's not an 'artist at work photo/video' but 'at joy'. 


The colours in this are so splendid aren't they? To me it speaks of funfairs; candyfloss and twirling rides and giant bubbles!

The Window

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