This is one of a series of continuous line drawings I've been doing recently, coloured digitially in a watercolour style using an art app. Both the drawing and the painting are so very soothing for me. I realised while I was sharing these with my community that this style of art for me is what I do when my life is turbulent and I'm needing to find calm. It's very effective. 


'The Dove Of Love' is a drawing I did in honour of all teachers. Their persistent care and dedication to learning and support for our young people. My 2 boys have thrived and struggled during the lockdowns at various times but their teachers were always there to support us as parents and the returns to school with all the changes and adaptations were managed so gently and kindly.


Doves are symbolic of peace, hope, the future and persistence.

My dear husband told me this image looked like stained glass as well which made me SO happy as I adore stained glass. 

The Dove Of Love