Acrylic on canvas (30 x 40cm)

Painted by Eldest Sonshine Artist, at age 12


Eldest Sonshine, Max, is sensory sensitive as well as Autistic and severely learning disabled. He is incredibly sensitive to pain and his reaction to it is extreme. It has increased in recent years with his growth spurts and hormonal development and though we don't know for sure what's causing it, we do know a lot of it is his head. His Dad and I are thinking perhaps migraines. He is booked in for a hospital appointment soon to hopefully get to the bottom of what's going on with him.


I needed to tell you that so that I could explain this painting a little more; at least the way I think of it. As he has such limited verbal capacity Max really struggles to let us know how and what he's feeling and expressing himself is really hard. Painting has been so incredibly beneficial for him over the last few years and he's created some really powerful work particularly in these Covid times. 


This painting was done on another pain day. The previous day he'd had one of his worst days yet but while he painted this he was somewhat comfortable and was smiling as he was creating. He called it 'Sun House & Moon House'.


It's another one of those paintings where everyone seems to see something different in it. 


These are a few examples of what people have seen and felt:

"The green tree to me resembles a boy with a huge red eye and red ear looking out at the world. The boy's senses are bigger and he sees more than the small world realises."

"I see light and brightness shining through discomfort and difficult times. Also that home and nature are always there for him."

I get emotions of getting away quickly, 2 places to go between or the opportunity to go anywhere at all in a super fast spaceship. It's all very speedy."

"I see intense, searing pain inside a head with 2 eyes looking out onto an incomprehensible world but with light and hope as well."

"The sun I actually see as a really spikey ball. I imagine it knocking around inside him causing the pain. Like he's trying to shine through it but the pain is dark and difficult."

"I see an avenue of trees leading to sunshine."


Which resonates the most for you?

Or do you see and feel something different?


Prints are also available to buy.

Sun House & Moon House