Acrylic on canvas with stitching

A3 (30 x 40 cm)


This art was created in various stages:

First I photographed one of my favourite plants; the Barberry. (The photo was taken in the Buckinghamshire countryside in Autumn and is available to buy as a print from my Sonshine Art Mama Photography section.)

I then painted over the photo using my favourite art app.

Then I painted the digital image onto canvas.

Finally I added threads to emphasise shapes and add texture and interest. 


It has been an incredibly soothing and therapeutic process - like all my art is for me - and such a labour of love. I really love it. I'd love to know what you think. I'm currently working on 2 more images created in a similar fashion for anyone who misses out on this original, so watch this space.

Stitched Barberry