Acrylic on Watercolour Paper.


This surreal and funky little painting was created during an Experiemental Still Life course run by the amazing Gabriella Buckingham; my dear friend and one of my favourite artists.


As the title of the course states, this was a week to explore and be brave and bold. I don't think I've ever done a still life before... Perhaps a drawing or two back in secondary school, but not a painting. So this was a super fun and engaging week full of challenges and inspiration. This is one of the paintings that came out of it. It makes me smile so much. I decided to call it 'Still But Energised' as that's how I felt painting it and also looking at it now it's finished. 


It is a smidge smaller than A4 and would sit beautifully in an A4 frame with a narrow mount. 

Still But Energised