Dear Space Fans


Does this speak to you?

I think it would be so amazing on a dark blue wall, with its otherworldly glow and twinkly wonder. What aliens could live on planets like these? 


It was painted on a day following very little sleep by a very disregulated and tired Max. We did deep breathing, deep pressure, Reiki, a sensory bath, music, incense, and after all that he asked to paint. I love how painting makes him breathe healing breaths. His eyes sometimes close in slow blinks, or even a minute of shutting them before returning to the flow of his creativity. The tension melts away and his tense muscles soften. I imagine while his eyes were closed during the painting of this that he was imagining being an astronaught experiencing this sight first-hand... 


If it gives you the goosebumps it's yours. There is a perfect person to own this. Is it you?


On heavyweight, eco-friendly, A2 paper.