Drawing by Eldest Sonshine when he was 10.

Digital image of white pencil on A3 black watercolour paper.


I came across this beautiful drawing when I sorting through our original art folder recently and I can't believe I'd forgotten about it!


He was in a real drawing groove when he did this (around the same time he painted the Octopus and bouquet of flowers also available here) and only had the merest assistance for starting these shapes and placing them on the page. He struggles a bit with spacial awareness when he's confronted with a large blank page so I give him a starting hand by holding his wrist at the starting point and once it's in the flow with the line I let go.


The original drawing of this image is very faint as he doesn't press down hard while drawing - which adds to the beautiful delicacy of the art but means pencil drawings are really hard to see, so I had to run the image through a contrast filter to bring out his lines.


Once again an image I think would look fantastic printed as an art gift onto a T-shirt, hoodie, puzzle or mug. What do you think? 

Shark In The Sea