If you tried and loved my FREE download of 5 creative and sensory play ideas I'm sure you will love this collection of 8 more fabulous activities for Sensory Seekers.


Included are 8 activities perfect for those who love all things sensory;  visual stimmers, touch sensitives, sound and smell seekers and proprioceptive-lovers.


Each activity has a page with photos and a page with a break down of what you'll need and how to play/create, estimated timings and tips as well as little warnings where necessary.


You can keep it as an e-download on your device or you can print and laminate the pages if you choose so they're wipe-clean and ready for messy play!


There are 17 pages in total but if you dual-print pages 2-17 you'll only need 9 sheets of paper.


Just to clarify, I've put suggested ages on the activities but you know your child best, so do use your own judgement and of course bear in mind that sensory and creative play is good for all! All ages - I've found - love these activities, so even if you don't have kids, I'd still advise you give them a go. 


Sensory Seekers Play Cards