Red Dwarf


This painting was created soon after we experienced a thunder storm with some really cool fork and sheet lightning. Max LOVES a storm! I do too! He gets very excited, squealing and clapping and stamping and gazing at the sky till the next crackle and flash come. 


I assumed he would call it 'Storm' or 'Lightning' but he surprised me by calling it 'Red Dwarf'! 

I rewatched all the series recently and Max began to really get into it as well, though many of the jokes were beyond his comprehension he still found it very amusing and particularly loves the theme tune - and who wouldn't? It's awesome. I've been a massive Red Dwarf fan since the 90s. Max also enjoys any moment the crew are in peril 🤣


This painting is 20 x 20 inches and painted onto a slim wooden panel. You can add a hanging rope to the back or it is slim enough to fit into a frame though it may need to be custom made. I would go for a 21 x 21 inch chunky frame.

Red Dwarf