This was painted by Youngest Sonshine, age 6


As some of you know, Tristan has been on a break from painting for a few months so I was thrilled when he asked to paint this week and came up with this fabulously fun and energetic collection of characters!  


Tristan LOVES creating characters. He loves FUN. He has such a fantastic energy and zest for life. He pulls joy from every day - it catches me by surprise sometimes because as a baby and toddler he was quite a serious little chap, but my family tell me I was just the same; a serious little girl when a toddler and preschooler and as I got old I became more and more confident and gleeful and a little ridiculous! So I see a lot of myself in him. And for me, this painting goes a long way to explaining who Tristan is. 


After he finished this painting he told me that they each were different kinds of monsters. The first he painted was the blue chap. He is called Mason and he is a spider man. Next he painted the small orange one in the bottom left with the spider web and he is a fire cyclops spider called Michael. Then he painted the other orange spider at the top; he is a 'normal spider' and is called James. Then the green slime monster who he named Elijah. And finally the 4 little yellow guys and they are angel monsters! I know - bit of a contradiction there! From top left they are Patrick, then Daniel in the top right, Levi bottom right and Julian is bottom left.


I mentioned to Tristan about writing a story about these guys and he was into the idea so watch this space for that! I am thinking I'd like to get my subscribers involved so please do sign up using the button at the top of the website if you're a story-lover and want to be kept in the loop about this.


Monster Friends