This Mandala series has been a really interesting one for all of us. We each approached these designs differently. They were all created using my phone.


This one includes my favourite butterfly photo and fantastic Acer leaves. I wanted to have a go at creating one in my own style and this is what I came up with. All mine are created using cut outs of florals and leaves from my photographs. I created one quarter of a circle then copied that wedge to create the circle you see here. 


I love these!

I'm thinking I will probably get some cushions made up... What do you think? Should I offer cushions as an option in this shop? Send me a message and let me know!


I certainly find circles very soothing.

Do you?


It is my hope that you feel something when you see all our art, and with these inparticular I hope they help you feel energised, focussed, calm, soothed, reflective, meditative. 

Mandala With Butterflies