Acrylic on watercolour paper (A2 60 x 42 cm)

Painted by Youngest Sonshine Artist, at age 7


Youngest Sonshine is more into using his creativity for building Lego these days but occassionally he will make wonderful paintings and drawings and this is one of them.


I set up and 'invitation to paint' out in th garden for the boys and he went right for it with such beautiful enthusiasm. He absolutely loved painting this. He had a smile on his face the whole time. The energy of the whole thing was so happy and fun and when you're looking at the painting it can't help but make you smile. 


As always the colour and painting tool choices were his.

When he told me it was finished I complimented him greatly on it (of course!) and asked him what he'd like to call it. He giggled and said "I don't know. It's fun!" I said "Shall we just call it 'Fun' then?" And he said "Yes!"


Prints are also available to buy.