This Mandala series has been a really interesting one for all of us. We each approached these designs differently. They were all created using my phone.


The boys made their using a mirror app called Doodle Master.


Eldest Sonshine was slow and steady and created his designs using lots of swirls and curves to build up a circular pattern, from the outside to the inside. He kept a stead pace, almost like he was adding marks in time to a beat. Maybe he was. I often offer Max creative activities when he's a bit stressed. Usually he accepts. When he created these he was in a stage of experiencing pain, particularly in his head and legs. He didn't want to leave his bed to go and paint, so I suggested we create something on my phone and we discovered he finds making these really soothing.

I certainly find circles very soothing.

Do you?


It is my hope that you feel something when you see all our art, and with these inparticular I hope they help you feel focussed, calm, reflective, meditative. 

First Mandala