Acrylic on canvas (25 x 30 cm)

Painted by Eldest Sonshine Artist, age 12


This painting was created over the course of a week full of ups and downs for Max. As he often does the last couple of years, he chose to paint during times he was feeling disregulated, unbalanced and stressed out. He used a variety of tools including his trusty palette knife and mini roller but also a flexible plastic squeegee and a little plastic cup. No brushes this time. 


I find these colours really stimulating and invigorating and I loved all the shapes and depth he created. One of the final stages was adding the yellow and the Zeds scraped into the wet paint. 


Once it was dry and I asked him to pose for a photo with it he held it, tilted his head to one side, closed his eyes and pretended to yawn. I said "Oh Max are you tired?" He answered "Painting sleep. Sleep painting. Dream."

My dreamboat.

Oh, to spend a day in his mind. 


Do you have dreams like this?


Prints are also available.