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Are you curious what could be through this door?


It was a really fun one to create. The richness of texture and depth of colour in the background is thanks to 3 'failed' paintings. There was nothing wrong with them particularly but they didn't excite me so I kept painting over them and trying again. What I was left with was a fantastic surface to create something new. I added a final layer of bronze by mixing metallic gold paint with some red and ochre in a semi-translucent layer and adding a few pops of blue by gently sweeping with a dry brush over the top, letting the textured parts collect the pigment.

The result was a rusty, brick-inspired square of potential.


I created 3 white line drawing designs using my art app and asked my Instagram and Facebook community to help me choose one and this door was the winner.


Some paintings and drawings are purely intuitive and happen in a matter of a couple of hours. Some - like this one - are a process of months and layers and community contribution.


It's fiendishly difficult to photograph with its metallic paint which is why I took the video of it. Also to show the lush texture.


It will of course look better in person. If it's still available by October the 9th I will bring it to the exhibition.


It's 20 x 20cm, on eco-friendly wood with built-in frame so it is ready to hang. 


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