This Mandala series has been a really interesting one for all of us. We each approached these designs differently. They were all created using my phone.


This one I created just a couple of nights ago when I was feeling super peaceful. I absolutely LOVE colour. I think it's obvious from this page that we all do, but sometimes monotone can be just what our eyes need. There's a lot of lovely detail in this one and I think colour would have detracted from that. This is the only one from my collection I made using my botanical drawings rather than my photos. I created one quarter of a circle then copied that wedge to create the circle you see here. 


I love these!

I'm thinking I will probably get some cushions made up... What do you think? Should I offer cushions as an option in this shop? Send me a message and let me know!


I certainly find circles very soothing.

Do you?


It is my hope that you feel something when you see all our art, and with these inparticular I hope they help you feel energised, focussed, calm, soothed, reflective, meditative. 

Black And White Mandala