This Mandala series has been a really interesting one for all of us. We each approached these designs differently. They were all created using my phone.


The boys made their using a mirror app called Doodle Master.


Youngest Sonshine created his designs working from the inside to the outside. Using a mixture of straight lines, curves and zig-zags. As is usually the defining feature of Tristan's art, these were made with great energy and quite a lot of giggles! This first image was the one he spent the most time over and I think it's just beautiful, don't you? Both boys used the random colour selector on the app to build the layers up but for this one there were times when Tristan wanted a specific colour. 


I certainly find circles very soothing.

Do you?


It is my hope that you feel something when you see all our art, and with these inparticular I hope they help you feel energised, focussed, reflective, meditative. 

1st Mandala