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The Divine Feminine

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

The Divine Feminine - the way I relate to it - is being grounded and connected to a life in FLOW. For some of you reading this, you might want to click out of the email right away and you're free to do that of course, but I urge you to stick with me for a couple of minutes on this...

I think many of you will agree with me that when you're in a state of flow life is so much less stressful. It's tricky to write about as so much of it is about feeling and connecting emotionally in the moment and adapting but here's an example - recently I went through a course - created by my super talented friend Gabriella Buckingham - which involved a lot of painting and experimenting and listening in to videos, I had planned a couple of long walks with my dogs and friends, I had planned to spend more hours on the yoga mat and in meditation ready to really get into writing for Sonshine Tales (see previous blog).

What happened was that week the boys had to be at home with me; Tristan all week and Max for the first 3 days.

My plans had to change to adapt to the new situation. Energetically I was in the same place - I was in receiving mode; ready to listen and be taught and take in nature and receive inspiration. So all I had to do was to adapt my plans to suit my energy. Instead of being in receive mode for my previous plans, I was in receive mode for my children (and the painting course). I was functioning slow and steady, less physical energy but a buzzing and receptive mind and heart. During this week I received a lot of inspiration, guidance and content for all areas of Sonshine Art, including lots of wonderful input from the boys about the characters they've created. It was a week in flow.

Going with the flow of what life brings instead of fighting it with that depleting, relentless persistence to plough through no matter the obstacles.

Sometimes the obstacles can be really good teachers.

In fact ALWAYS.

The restricted life we've had thrust upon us the last year or so led to me being very up and down emotionally and physically. It threw my momentum right off and I was not prepared for it after being so consistent most of my life! I was frustrated but I have been reminded that I'm not a robot. I'm a human being. I have various versions and ways of being depending on what's going on in my day, in my life, in my family, with my friends and community, in my country, in the world! So often we're told to be consistent, to keep showing up, not to give up, keep ploughing through, dust it off and carry on - are you as stressed reading that as I am writing it?! It's a lot. It's a narrative of strain and I'm tired of it. It's not sustainable.

Those things are wonderful. I have life goals of course, I have things I want to achieve, but how very exhausting to have those as a focus for my every day! No thank you. A dear family friend was keen on saying we are 'human beings not human doings'.

I'm a great believer in a quality of life being one of BEING.

This collection of circular artworks is inspired by the Divine Feminine; natural, grounded, sensual, open, cyclical, intricate, life-giving, powerful. I made them using my botanical photography and an art app that creates kaleidoscopes from your images. Many of them are reflective of female anatomy and all are my interpretation of Feminine energy. As you can see, the images are on transparent backgrounds ready to be printed onto various colours of paper, canvas or fabric. I particularly like the look of them on dark backgrounds and I'll be sharing examples of how they look printed in our shop and social media accounts soon.

I really hope that these images and words resonate with you.

If you're struggling to connect to contentment then I reach out my virtual arms to you, wrap you in love and gently suggest you aim for a life in flow.

Click here to see the full collection

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