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*Taster Pack*

Are you a little anxious about the Summer holidays?

Struggling to think of ways to provide engaging, stimulating, soothing and exciting activities for your children?

This little taster pack gives you 5 ideas for fun using resources you most likely already have in your home!

These activities have been chosen to suit various ages, abilities and neurotypes. 

All abilities welcome!

Child-Led Learning

This is the most important thing to me as a parent and for Sonshine Art.


It's about consent and respect.


Big words to use for play time, but it's so important that our children experience this in their daily life.


It creates children who feel safe to explore and engage and learn at a pace that is natural for them.


Sensory and Creative Play

Children learn through play.

We all know this.

In my blog series here on the website I've written about sensory and creative play being so powerful for our children's emotional, neurological and physical development.

It is scientifically proven that including multiple senses aids learning. 

These are multi-sensory activities.

The point is not the result; it's the process.

sonshine art play cards

Let's Play!

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The full collection of Play Cards for Sensory Seekers is now available and to buy from the shop if you try and love these. 

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